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1960’s New Year’s Eve Party

I planned a 1960’s themed party this year for New Year’s Eve! It was fun to find some actual vintage items and re-create the vibes with other normal New Year’s stuff. Everyone dressed up in the era’s clothes and brought a 60’s inspired appetizer!

I set up two tables and a counter. One table had all the midnight fixings – noise makers, NYE headbands, champagne and glasses. The other was a cocktail area – a menu with how to make drinks, all the alcohol, shakers, glasses, coasters, etc. Lastly, the counter had all the food!

-Champagne pop wall: I tried to make a mini version of this! You can use this balloon strip and place silver, white, gold balloons in each hole. Then tape the champagne bottle balloon to it!
Number balloons are a must-have!

-I made a cocktail menu and left all the necessary ingredients out so people could serve themselves. It would be fun to have someone serve as the bartender as well. I did a martini, old fashion and high ball.
-Don’t forget to have some vintage beers (or High Life for NYE) and lots of champagne!

-As I said, each person brought a 60’s theme food item. Some ideas were: a cheese ball, veggies and dip, jello mold, chips and dip, sliced apples + cheese and more!

-I made a sign with glitter letters, “Let’s Get Blitzed” – there are a million other 60’s says you could use!
Fake cigarettes
-Vintage New Year’s baby sign
Vintage Happy New Year banner
-Vintage napkins
-Vintage champagne glasses (from Salvation Army)
-Cocktail shakers
-Vintage coasters with cocktails on them

I got most of the vintage stuff from Etsy!

-Happy NYE headbands
-Noise makers
Gold & silver table runners
-Gold streamers
Star garland
Star toothpicks
-Plastic champagne glasses
-Solo cups
-NYE plates and cups

This set looks vintage-y to me! I tried to keep everything silver, gold and black with a vintage, but glam vibe.



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