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Beer Olympics Party

Every year we host a beer olympics party! Here’s how we do it.

Figure out teams. Send out an invite and see how many people you can get to commit. This is a hard party to throw because you need 100% commitment and people never want to give that to you. Depending on how many people you have, decide on a team size. We usually do two people teams and it’s easy because we have a bunch of couples. I think 3 would be the max size that I would do. Four gets too crowded.

You can choose the teams or have people pick their own (that’s hard when not everyone knows each other). I wouldn’t have all men or all women teams. If you do have an all women team, give them a few bonus points.

Urge each team to pick a team name and have a uniform. This will earn them points! You can pick a theme like countries, colors, etc. I usually let people do whatever they want. Some teams we had this year:
-Camp counselors
-PBR lovers

Decide on a points system. We do:

Scoring (per game):
First Place: 3 points
Second Place: 2 points
Third Place: 1 point

Bonus Points:
Team name/uniform: 3 points

We get a poster board and write down it all down so everyone can read it at all times.

Formulate a plan/choose your games. This is the hard part! You need to choose which games you want to play, how to play them and in what order. We usually do around 6 games. I think this can be adjusted for how many total people are playing.

Things to keep in mind:
-People are going to need to be wrangled in between each game. You need to get them quiet and explain the rules. Remember that for timing and for picking how many games you want to play.
-You’ll also need time to set up each game. Set up as many as you can beforehand, but a lot will require the same space/items.
-Make sure you have enough room to play the game with the number of people attending.
-Try to choose games that don’t leave people standing around – everyone needs to be playing at once (or at least one team member from each team).
-Make sure the order of games has balance and is fluid. Don’t do two chugging games in a row, etc.
-Have the rules written out in a legit document and print it out. You’ll need it to quiet down arguing people.
-It’s really hard to host and play at the same time. I do it every year, but it’s hard and we always lose because of that (I think). It might be nice to be the ref only or have someone else be the ref.
-Don’t be afraid to make up games!
-Make sure you have lots of snacks and water available throughout the event. We serve a grilled lunch during beer pong since its the longest game and people are sitting/watching.

Here’s what we did this year!

Opening Ceremony (we announce all the teams, explain the overall day and take a mini shot of beer and all cheers)

  1. World Cup
  2. Three Legged Race
  3. Survivor Flip Cup
  4. Beer Pong // Serve hotd ogs
  5. Puzzle Time
  6. Quarters

Closing Ceremony (we announce the winners and award trophies)

Game 1: World Cup

 All team members get 1 ping pong ball. Cups are set up with beer on long table. One person from each team on each side.

Everyone stands behind the line and shoots their ball, trying to get it in a cup. You can pick up any balls that you find to keep shooting.

Once you get a cup, you must run to the table, remove your cup and chug the drink. Step aside with your cup. You are safe for that round and stay out of the game. Last two people remaining’s teams are eliminated. Rounds continue until there is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams. Eliminated teams must help retrieve balls.

Game 2: Three Legged Race

Each team will tie their legs together with a ribbon. Each team member must chug a cup of beer before taking off towards the finish line.

Two rounds of games = 2 first places, 2 second places.

Game 3: Survivor Flip Cup

All Team Members will participate in this event. Teams split up on each side of the table – one member on each side.

The first two competitors begin to chug the beer in their glass and then they sit it right side up on the edge of the table with a portion of the cup hanging off the table and hit it with the finger so the cup pops upwards and flips in the air.  The goal being to get the cup to land and stay upside down.

Each person continues to flip their cup until they have successfully landed it upside down. The next team member can’t go on until the first person’s cup has been flipped upside down. A game will finish when all members of one team have completed in proper succession flipping their cups.  The first team to do this is the winner of the game.

After you’ve initiated a flip and the cup is in the air you may not interfere with it in any way.  Do not reach towards your cup until it is at rest on its side, then you can grab it and try again. Do not interfere with or attempt to assist any other player in any way while they are flipping their cup.

After one side wins, the losing side must eliminate a member of their team through voting. Top 3 people winning represent the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams.

Game 4: Beer Pong

All Team Members will participate in this event. Bracket single elimination play except for third place bracket.

House rules apply.  Bouncing results in 2 cups removed from table.  Girls can blow and guys can finger balls from cup.  Sinking a ball in a cup of beer an opposing team member is holding results in 3 cups removed from their rack. Knocking over your own cups during a swipe (to block bounce) or re-rack results in those beers removed from your rack.   You get 1 re-rack.

See bracket page.

Game 5: Puzzle Time

4 teams play at once. One player on the team must always be turned away from the table chugging beer, the other player works on the puzzle. Players can switch roles at any time.

Players must complete the puzzle as quickly as possible. 1st place winner in each round.

Game 6: Quarters

All Team Members will participate in this event.

Teams line up around the table behind the first player who is seated. Two sets of shot glasses/quarters will go around. If your seated player loses, the next player comes to the table. This continues until the team is completely eliminated.

First place is final team remaining.

Once you have been eliminated, you may cheer on and offer words of encouragement or technique assistance to other team members, but you may not physically assist or help them in any way. This means you may not touch their quarter, shot glass or cup. For example, the quarter bounces off the table and they must pick it up – you cannot help.

Get supplies + make trophies. Here’s what we usually get. You can also decorate with an Olympics theme (vs. just beer) as well.
Cute colored solo cups
Beer hat OR this hat
Beer glasses
Beer headband
-Trophies – I glue together cans/bottles and spray paint them gold/silver/bronze. Add stickers or glitter!
-Banner – I usually make a banner that says something inspiring using my glitter letters
-Ping pong balls
-Shot glasses
-Poster board for scoring


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