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Two Days in Bay City, Michigan

We took a long weekend to explore the Bay City region. We camped at the Linwood Beach Marina, which was interesting…..our campsite was right on the water though! Here’s our itinerary.


Dow Gardens – We spent the morning walking around here. We made our way to Whiting Forest to walk on the nation’s longest canopy walk! There are little pod things that are cool to stand in/take pictures in too.

Midland Brewing – We stopped here for lunch. They have a nice outdoor patio! We then walked around downtown and drove by some historical houses in the Historic District.

Sunset Sail – After setting up our campsite, we went to downtown Bay City to get on the Appledore Schooner for a sunset sail! It’s supposed to last 3 hours, but ours was a lot longer because we got caught at train going over a bridge (the bridge has to open for the boat to go through)! The sunset was really beautiful on the water and you learn about sailing and the area. There is only one small bathroom that you have to be escorted to – that was the only thing that made me nervous! You can bring your own alcohol and they serve snacks.


We started our day at Bay City State Park. It’s not the best state park beach I’ve been to, but it does the job!

We then did some eating and shopping downtown.

Harless & Hugh: This place was the highlight of our trip. Really good avocado toast and lattes. Plus a super cute interior.

Electric Kitsch: A cute vintage store with clothes and records

Bay City Antiques Center: it’s huge with never ending antiques, jewelry, etc.!

City Market: A super cute place with different restaurant/grocery stalls. I would recommend eating a meal here for sure. We got cookies!

St. Laurent Brothers Chocolate: Cute old school chocolate shop!

Lumber Barons Brewery: A historical brewery.

This is definitely a good weekend destination. You can check out the surrounding cities as well like Saginaw and Frankenmuth.


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