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X Files Birthday Party

I planned an X-Files themed birthday for a friend and it was super fun! We rented out the upstairs of the Berklely Common (in Berkley duh). They provided appetizers and drinks.

So then it was all about the decorations! We wanted to keep it simple so there wasn’t a ton of stuff to bring into the restaurant. And we had to clean it all up before we left for the night.

I made everyone an FBI badge using this template. I used our main friends’ actual photos and everyone else got either Mulder or Scully. I bought lanyards and laid them out on the table for guests to grab.

We then got some alien stuff! Mini aliens for each table, an alien mask for photos and made alien balloons. We just got a bunch of green ones and drew on a face. We also got a I WANT TO BELIEVE poster and had people write birthday notes on it!

Then we got a bunch of space things! Galaxy plates, napkins, star balloons and glow sticks. We spelled out “X FILES” with balloons and made a glitter banner saying “The truth is out there”.

We made “alien shots” which were just fruity and blue. And got a bunch of cupcakes with star toppers.

Lots of fun and easy to do in a restaurant space!

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