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A Quick Two Days in Vancouver


Gastown: We started off our day in this tourist haven! We went early in the morning so it wasn’t TOO crowded yet. There are a ton of cute stores, bars and restaurants here. Don’t forget to get a picture with THE gas clock itself.

Alley Oop: Stop here on your way to the Art Gallery. It’s a perfectly Instagram-able pink alley!

Vancouver Art Gallery: We really enjoyed this museum and would recommend a stop here. We walked through pretty quickly and were only there for 1-1.5 hours.

Stanley Park: My favorite part of Vancouver! This was so fun and I’m glad we spent the majority of our day here. We biked around to a lot of the main stops:
-Totem Poles
-Lumberman’s Arch
-Prospect Park Lookout
-Hollow Tree
-Third Beach

The whole thing took us a few hours because we stopped and took a lot of pictures. I think the actual biking part was only like 45 minutes, BUT some parts are VERY uphill. We were struggling hard. Make sure you look at the map before plotting out your points if you aren’t super into biking. We rented bikes through Mobi. There are a few stops around the park – make sure you map out your route because you can only rent them for a certain amount of time. It did add up a little bit, but we preferred this option over renting a bike for the day from somewhere else.

Malkin Bowl: We were lucky enough to attend a Death Cab for Cutie show at the Malkin Bowl in the park. If you have a chance to do this – do it!! It’s such a laid back and small venue. There was no stress finding/keeping your spot or getting drinks. Everything is clean and super organized. I was so impressed! The venue is surrounded by trees. It feels awesome listening to your favorite music in nature like that.


Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge: We got up early and drove about 30 mins to this bridge. It’s the less touristy one in the Vancouver area and in the morning, it wasn’t too busy. You walk across the bridge over water and it’s kind of scary! On the other side there are lots of trails with stops along the way.

Granville Island: We drove back and went straight to this island. It’s very touristy and was crowded. Don’t try to park here! We regret it. The area is super cute though – lots of shops and things to do. We got a sandwich and some ice cream and sat by the water to eat.

Then we did a little mural and brewery tour! We used this map to pick out some cool murals to see in between breweries. We tried out:
-Main Street Brewing
-Brassneck Brewery
-R&B Pizza
-Faculty Brewing
-Red Truck Beer

The next day we traveled to Seattle by way of Diablo Lake!


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