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30th Birthday Brunch

I planned a birthday brunch for a friend at Gold Cash Gold in Detroit. I still wanted to decorate even though we were in a public setting. Here’s what I did!

Obviously, find a place that takes reservations. I got there about 20 minutes before to set it all up. The birthday girl arrived about 20 minutes after the reservation to make it a surprise.

I think the easiest thing to do is make place settings for the table. And that way you get to pick the seating arrangement ;). I found a Polaroid template online and put a photo of each person with the birthday girl – I tried to find one of just the two of them. Then I glued them to sparkly card stock so it was more durable and the back was glittery! I did three colors – black, purple and gold. I put each person’s name below the photo. Then everyone got a sparkly gold and pink 30 straw to put in their brunch cocktail.

I sprinkled 30s all over the table, got a cute plant center piece with Happy Birthday in it and cupcakes with 30s and stars!

Overall super easy, but still seems thoughtful and personal. And like a party! You could also hang up a birthday sign or get number balloons. The restaurant we went to was smaller so I didn’t want to overcrowd the area. Getting a private room somewhere would be great too!

30 confetti
30 cupcake toppers
Happy Birthday cake topper/plant topper
30 straws (you could make these yourself by gluing the confetti to paper straws)


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