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Pizza Tasting Party

I’ve been wanting to host an adult pizza party for a while, and finally did it. Here’s how!

  1. Set a criteria for your tasting. We did a small square deep dish Detroit style with pepperoni. Every guest brought one from a different pizza place.
  2. Make a tasting sheet. I used this random rubric I found online to make my tasting sheet. We tested cheese, sauce, crust and overall pizza. Click here to download my scorecard.
  3. Taste! We did a blind tasting. I brought the pizza out on a cutting board so people could see the pie in its entirety. Then I cut each slice in half and served. Give people time to rate and discuss.
  4. Tally up the points. And declare a winner! We rated 5 pizzas and this was the perfect amount. If you have more guests coming, you can cut the pieces into smaller slices.

Everyone brought beer to share and it was a super easy/fun event.

Here’s some decor inspiration:
Plates (I ended up using glass plates to allow for more sturdiness)


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