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Succulent Galentine’s Wine Tasting

Every year I host a Galentine’s Day party for my girlfriends – we taste wine and eat lots of snacks.

This year I went with a pastel succulent theme. We did a France vs. USA wine tasting. Here’s how to do it!

Choose what type of wines you want to taste. We did pinot grigio, rose and cabernet sauvignon. Assign each person a wine to bring – so a French pinot grigio, a USA pinot grigio, a French rose, USA rose, etc. It may be easier to purchase all the wine yourself.

Create a wine tasting key and sheet. To make a key – decide what factors to rate – aroma, color, taste, finish, bottle design. We did a 1-5 rating. You can look up all this criteria online! Keep the key general – so it works for all wine types.

Then create a tasting sheet for each guest. It should describe that wine (aroma, color, taste, etc.) and allow space for them to write in a score – one for USA, one for France.

Pair food with each wine. I got snacks that pair well with each type of wine and put them in a small bowl on top of that wine’s tasting sheet. I used:
-Pinot grigio: mini mozzarella balls, basil, crostini, olive oil + salt/pepper
-Rose: melon balls, prosciutto, pistachios
-Cabernet sauvingnon: pecans, cheddar cheese, dried cherries

Set the table! Each place setting should include:
-Two different coasters – one for their USA wine and one for their french wine. I made mine from glitter card stock. You can do this other ways, like labeling the glass – any way for guests to distinguish between the two wines.
-Wine tasting key
-Wine tasting sheet
-Snack bowl for each wine
-I gave each guest a Tattly tattoo!
-Optional place cards

Serve the wine. I served both wines at once (USA pinot grigio and the french pinot grigio) and allowed for discussion and rating. Each guest gave me their winner for that particular wine, I tallied and announced the overall winner.

Click here to download my tasting sheet!


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