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Red Hot Galentine’s Day Party

Another year, another Galentine’s celebration! This year, my theme was “red hot hotties” showcasing some of our celebrity crushes and spicy candy. I tried to keep the colors bright red and pink. A contrast to my pastel theme last year.

I got glitter paper from Michael’s and cut out a bunch of hearts. I hung them in between my light curtain and sprinkled some on the table. I got these super cute heart plates from Target and put one at each place setting. Everyone also got a “roses are red and so is my wine” napkin on top, a ring pop and valentine’s bracelet. I also gave each person little plastic wine cups, placed heart cupcake papers inside and filled them with different candies. Down the middle I put some purple string lights, a few jars with red/pink roses and white candles on top of a simple cream table cloth.

I decided to do a red wine tasting this year to go with the red theme. I asked everyone to bring a different type of wine (Merlot, Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Syrah, etc.) Then we did a blind tasting and used a tasting card. On the card, I put a little description of each wine type and boxes to rate the taste, color, aroma, etc. We had to guess which wine was which and got to see what our favorite was. Each person got a larger wine glass for water, a stemless wine glass and tasting sheet/pen.

We played the game We’re Not Really Strangers. You pull cards that ask deep questions and everyone answers. We did one card per round of wine tasting. I also put a little heart cut out of each person’s high school crush under their plate. We played a game where each person had to say clues throughout the conversation as if they were that person. The first person to have their crush guessed correctly won a face mask! The person that brought the winning wine also got a prize face mask.

I got a bunch of spicy snacks – flaming hot Cheetos, cinnamon lip candy, etc. I also tried to find as many pink/red/purple foods as possible. I put the chips in little individual plastic heart cups so people could just grab them and go. For the main appetizers, I got typical sleepover food – bagel bites, pizza rolls and pigs in a blanket.

Light curtain ($18)
Table cloth ($20)
Heart plates ($3 each)
– Clear wine glasses
– Wine napkins
We’re Not Really Strangers ($25)
Valentine’s bracelets ($2)

BUDGET: ~$150-$200


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