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Krampus Beer Tasting

Another season, another tasting! We gathered as many Christmas/winter themed beers that we could find and set up a tasting with friends. We used the below scoring sheet to rate each beer on whether it was “naughty” or “nice”. Usually I make a key at the top outlining what you should look for in a beer. This year, everyone filled out their own key on what THEY personally thought made a beer naughty or nice. For example, I thought naughty beers were dark, boozy and/or had a unique flavor (like dill). Nice beers were light and had simple or sweet flavors. We also added a line guessing if Krampus would enjoy the beer. Then you can debate amongst yourselves on that and if the beer is naughty or nice in general.

For the decor – I wanted it to be a little bit darker since it was a Krampus event. I used a black/silver skull table cloth, black taper candles and then put silver-y Christmas decor down the middle. I used the actual beer cans as decor too since they all have cute festive labels. Each person got a paper star plate, pen/marker and Christmas glass to taste out of.

– Table cloth ($15)
Taper candles ($8)
Bottle brush tree(s) ($5)
Star lights ($20)
Silver pom pom garland ($6)
– Christmas glasses ($5 – Salvation Army)
Star plates ($9)
– Beer ($12-$30)

BUDGET: less than $100


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