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Red Wings 30th Birthday Party

Since we can’t go to any sporting events, I decided to create one at home for a 30th birthday party. I did my best to bring Little Caesar’s Arena vibes to a living room.

I hung up red curtains and put a “happy pucking birthday” banner across it for photo opportunities. I hung up red string lights, put up a big Red Wings poster and got a bunch of red, black and star balloons for around the room. I also found some Red Wings specific balloons to scatter around. We had red overhead lights and played songs that are typically played during a Red Wings game.

To add some personal touches, I got a string light to hang up photos and placed the remaining photos on the wall. I also got big 3-0 balloons because they are a must have.

We needed all the stadium food that the world has to offer. I served Little Caesar’s pizza, hot dogs and got a big bag of popcorn from a local movie theater. I covered the “bar” area with a NHL table cloth, plates, napkins and cups. I wanted to get some larger stadium cups for beer – I found these and printed stickers out. I made the stickers in Word using the Red Wings logo and added a birthday hat. You can print them out on water proof sticker paper.

We watched the game obviously – if you can do it outdoors, it would be cool to use a projector for a larger screen. We also did a raffle. Usually it’s a 50/50 raffle, but we let the winner have 100% of the pot. Everyone put in money to buy tickets and then we pulled the winner after the second intermission.

Red curtains ($9)
– Banner – cut out of glitter paper ($0)
Photo string light ($9)
3-0 balloons ($10)
Red Wings specific balloons ($3)
– Red, black, star balloons ($20)
NHL party pack ($25)
Stadium cups ($12)
Sticker paper ($11)
Raffle tickets ($4)

BUDGET: > $200


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