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Astrology Cocktail Birthday Party

This is a birthday party for the astrology lover! We had six guests – everyone chose a cocktail from the Mixology of Astrology recipe book, brought ingredients and glasses, and then presented to the group. Of course we did a taste testing after each one.

I tried to keep it simple and choose a blue color scheme. I got some moon/star balloons and then normal blue/teal and white balloons. I made a banner that said “PARTY LIKE A PISCES” and paired it with a pom pom garland.

We set up a counter area to present your cocktails with chairs in a semi circle for the “audience”. Each person presented a drink from their sign and told the group how to make the cocktail. Here are the six cocktails/signs that we did:
– Aries: Michelada
– Libra: Hot Toddy
– Scorpio: Death in the Afternoon
– Sagittarius: Classic Panama
– Capricorn: Whiskey Sour
– Pisces: Blackberry Sage Smash

We did three drinks and then I presented the birthday girl’s birth chart in PowerPoint projected onto the TV. I went over the basics of astrology, her top three (sun, moon and rising) and how all of our signs interact.

Mixology of Astrology ($13)
Moon/star balloons ($6)
Pom pom garland ($5)
– Drink ingredients (each guest to bring)
– Glasses (each guest to bring)

BUDGET: $20-50 for the host


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