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Choose Your Own Adventure Birthday

For my sister’s 16th birthday, we did a “choose your own adventure” day! We picked her up at noon and she had no idea what to expect. We got small 1-6 balloons and Sweet Sixteen headbands to decorate the car.

We made cards for each activity that we had planned for the day. Before each decision came up, she received two cards with different options to choose from. For example, the first stop was lunch. She got two cards with two different restaurants listed. She chose one and that’s where we went!

The other activities were:
-Dessert (ice cream or coffee with candles)
-Art activity (going to Detroit’s Dequindre Cut or doing a craft)
-If she chose Detroit – she got the option to go to Belle Isle or do a cemetery tour
-If she chose craft – she got to choose between doing face masks or going shopping

You can add as many activities as you want and make many different outcomes, especially if you’re going by location. Choosing Detroit led us to more Detroit options, while choosing a craft kept us more local.

It was a fun way to keep the day a surprise, yet making sure she got to do exactly what she wanted. Don’t forget to make a Sweet Sixteen playlist for the ride!


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