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Ice Cream Party

Summer calls for ice cream and ice cream calls for a party! Below is how I planned a full on ice cream themed bash for friends. (My ice cream obsession includes two cone tattoos and lots of ice cream themed home decor.)

Obviously, the most important thing at this party. I set up a station where people could make their own sundaes! I asked each guest to bring their favorite topping. I got a bunch of basic ice cream types (chocolate base, vanilla base, mint base, etc.) and the put all the toppings out in cute bowls. Make sure you have a good mix of hard toppings (sprinkles, oreos, candy) and liquid (hot fudge, chocolate syrup, caramel). I made little labels for each topping and put the name of the person who brought it on there too. I found little paper cups and waffle cones for people to choose from. I took bamboo spoons and painted the ends with stripes to elevate their look a little bit.

The decorations for that table included a sparkle banner that said “Sundae Funday”, pom pom garland and a sprinkle table cloth that I folded to look like a table runner. I also had this cute ice cream lamp that was perfect.

I got some cute ice cream sunglasses and temporary tattoos for guests to enjoy/take photos with.

Outside I set up a table with food and desserts. I used my go-to party table cloth in mint and folded up another sprinkle table cloth as a runner. Then I got all the sprinkle/ice cream tableware that you can find: napkins, paper cups, plates. I found ceramic sugar cones in the dollar section at Target to hold plasticware.

We ended up putting a pastel tent over the food area because of a rainy forecast – it didn’t rain, TG. Above the table, I put up smaller letter balloons spelling out ALA MODE. I spray painted them white and painted on little sprinkles. I then got a big ice cream balloon and put it next to the table. I hung a bunch of honeycomb cones around the table, tent and anywhere else that needed some ice cream.

Now time for drinks! I made a good old fashioned ice cream punch and got a bunch of ice cream inspired beers like Oddside’s Fruitsicle, Decadent’s Strawberry Creamsicle, Saugatuck Brewing’s Neapolitan Milk Stout and more!

We served build your own sliders (vegetarian meat included), a black bean/avocado/corn salsa and other classic BBQ food.

Table Top:
Plain table cloth
Sprinkle table cloth x2
Sprinkle napkins
Sprinkle paper cups
Sprinkle plates
Ice cream cone plates
Ice cream cups
-Topping serving bowls
-Ice cream scooper

Pom pom garland
Honeycomb cones
-Sundae Funday banner
Letter balloon banner (+ paint)
Ice cream balloon

Temporary tattoos
Ice cream sunglasses

-Ice cream selection
-Waffle cones
-Any toppings that guests aren’t covering
-Punch ingredients (sherbet, alcohol of choice, fruit) + punch bowl
-Slider ingredients of choice
-Ice cream inspired beer

Eat up and enjoy!

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