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Three Day Friends Trip in Boyne City, Michigan

Every year our group of 10 friends goes up north together. 2020’s choice was Boyne City! A nice centrally located city. We stayed in an Airbnb that was walk-able to downtown.

We drove up on Thursday afternoon and stopped at the historical Legs Inn for lunch. It’s a cool/old building that’s a Michigan landmark and has been named one of the most iconic in the state. They have outdoor seating on the water and serve traditional polish food. They do have vegetarian options. There’s a few gift shops to check out too. After lunch we drove through the Tunnel of Trees on our way to Boyne City.

After our friends arrived, we got dinner and drinks on the water at Cafe Sante.

The next day, the guys and girls split up for the morning. The guys went golfing at Crooked Tree. The girls got coffee at Lake Charlevoix Coffee and then went over to Lavender Hill Farm. The farm is super cute! We walked the trail around and through the lavender. The have a little craft section and a gift shop. We bought some plants, bath salts and bed spray.

Both groups met up for lunch at Palette Bistro in downtown Petoskey. They have outdoor seating and take reservations. If you sit inside there is a view of the water. They have vegetarian options as well! Then we walked down to Bayfront Park and sat by the water.

Next up was a beer at Beards Brewery. Again, you can sit outside and have a view of the water. On our way home we stopped at Burnt Marshmallow Brewing. It has a farmland vibe and serve beer, wine and spirits. This summer they required reservations.

A few of us started the morning at the Boyne City Farmers Market. We got a bunch of stuff to make for dinner that night. The market was a lot bigger than most markets and had a lot of variety. Then the whole group got together to tube down the Jordan River. You can rent tubes, canoes or kayaks. It lasted around 2+ hours and was overall pretty relaxing. We got a cooler tube and filled it with drinks.

We then headed over to Peninsula Beach. It’s a small beach in downtown Boyne City. The water was super nice and warm. Another larger beach option is at Young State Park which is like a 10 minute drive from downtown.

At night, we cooked up our farmers market finds and had a little BBQ at the house.

I would definitely recommend staying in Boyne City. There’s a lot to do downtown and the vibe is super cute. You can drive in any direction and find more to do – other cities, nature activities, golf, etc.

Legs Inn
-Tunnel of Trees
Cafe Sante

Lake Charlevoix Coffee
-Golf at Crooked Tree or exploring Lavender Hill Farm
Palette Bistro
-Bayfront Park
Beards Brewery
Burnt Marshmallow Brewing

-Boyne City Farmers Market
-Tubing on the Jordan River
-Peninsula Beach or Young State Park

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