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Fall Engagement Party

A friend got engaged and wanted to have a party near Thanksgiving when all of her family was in town. So here’s my late fall take on an engagement party!

I tried to incorporate classic fall/Thanksgiving items with the usual glitzy bride decorations.

The host wanted it to just be dessert and drinks so we served warm cinnamon donuts and cranberry champagne! I put a diamond ring cupcake topper in each donut.

I garnished the champagne with cranberries and lime slices. I got plastic champagne glasses, but obviously go for glass if you can afford it. I used mod podge glue and gold glitter on the bottom of each glass to spruce them up.

We served the donuts on gold heart plates with customized wedding date napkins. I covered all tables with Mr. & Mrs. wood confetti and white pumpkins. I mod podged the stems of the pumpkins to match the glasses.

We put out a side table with slips of paper for guests to write down wedding tips for the couple. I made these in InDesign – the top says “Wedding tips for the soon to be Boyles”. I found free heart and ring graphics online. I printed them out on brown kraft paper from Michael’s. We got customized pencils with their initials and wedding date. Guests took home their pencils as another save the date!

Finally, no party is complete without large letter balloons spelling out something important – in this case I DO. I also got a customized banner with their wedding hashtag. We hung up photos of the couple on fairy lights. A super cute, yet easy night to plan!

Diamond ring cupcake topper ($7)
Plastic champagne glasses ($7)
Gold heart plates ($6)
Customized wedding date napkins ($25)
Mr. & Mrs. wood confetti ($6)
White pumpkins ($7)
Customized pencils ($18)
Custom banner ($12)
I DO balloons ($12)

BUDGET: $100


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