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Outdoor “How Did You Die?” Halloween Party

2020 is the year of outdoor parties so Halloween was no different. We had a small party at our house and made sure to have social distance rules and individual food and drink items.

I decided to make it a theme because our friends always have trouble coming up with costume ideas. I chose “how did you die” and everyone had to come dressed as a dead person of some sort. We had everything from a Karen (death by society) who killed a Starbucks worker to some “dead beets” to someone who was electrocuted. I made a headstone for each person at the party and put them around the backyard. I bought craft foam boards, cut them into the headstone shape, painted them gray and then used black paint/marker to write on each one. I also made a banner that said “graveyard party” and we used a fog machine to give the real graveyard vibe.

I used a bunch of string lights throughout the yard for decoration and to provide actual light. I got orange, purple and white. I also moved my light curtain outside as well. We placed heaters outside and in the garage.

We made a bunch of different areas to hang out to spread people out.

BONFIRE: We put chairs and blankets around the fire. I put together little s’mores kits using plastic bags, mini Hershey bars and pumpkin spice marshmallows.

CONCERT: We were trying to emulate a Halloween event we attend every year that has cover bands. We made a schedule and played bands up on our projector throughout the night. I left an area for people to stand and put some chairs around too.

GARAGE: We set up a little cocktail bar in here with a “Pick Your Poison” banner. We put glasses out with cocktails already poured so people didn’t have to touch things to pour them up. One cocktail was based around Pumking whiskey with pumpkin spice creamer. The other was vodka based with egg whites, lemon and cinnamon. We also put out some pre-made whiskey and cider shots. We provided a bin for people to place dirty glasses.

I then set up a COVID safe game area. We had a large table with plastic cups. Everyone received their own cup with their name on it. We put out clean ping pong balls with a place to put dirty ones. We left out hand sanitizer and wipes to disinfect anything that was used.

For food, we put a spooky charcuterie board on sticks that were wrapped in plastic wrap. I chose darker foods and orange stuff – cheddar cheese, pickles, purple grapes, blackberries, etc. We also made eyeball deviled eggs and placed them in mini bowls wrapped in plastic wrap. Other individual desserts included caramel apples, popcorn balls and cupcakes. We got little bags of Halloween chips as well. We didn’t really need plates since everything was served individually. I did put out some napkins I had from last year that said “Boo!”

We played a cake walk game with alcohol. We put a bunch of different things in numbered paper bags – some were good (a whole bottle of spiced wine, good shots, pumpkin beers) and some were bad (gross beers, wine coolers, bad shots). We played the Monster Mash and everyone walked in a circle until the music turned off. Whatever bag you were in front of is what you had to drink.

We also had a costume contest. Everyone voted via their phone for the best costume. We then chose the other prizes like funniest, most creative and scariest costumes.


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