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Halloween Wedding Dinner Party

I got to plan a dream party combining my two favorite things – weddings and Halloween. This couple opted for a smaller home version of their wedding because of COVID. I set up a little dinner party in their living room.

I wanted the overall vibe to be “elegant spooky” – I used the color palette of gold, silver and black. I threw in some purple, orange and red for good measure. The bride did want to include some traditional “cutesy” Halloween elements as well. The main theme was “Till Death Do Us Part.”

The main focal point of the party room! Each table got a black/gold skeleton table cloth topped with small silver/black spray painted pumpkins, fall flowers and tea light candles and black taper candles. I spray painted a bunch of wine bottles and jars (to save on costs) with silver and black paint. They were used to hold the flowers and candles.

For the place settings, I used my favorite black plastic plates, black cloth napkins topped with gold plasticware wrapped in gold ribbon with orange dried flowers. I used glasses to create depth on the tables – champagne glasses (with black rock candy in each), clear water glasses and a variety of cocktail glasses. I made little candy bags for the favors. I got some “fancier” Halloween candy (pumpkin Dove chocolate, etc.) that had pretty wrappers. I filled cute plastic bags and put a sticker on each.

The bride and groom got the same place settings with a few enhancements. I gave them the biggest cocktail glasses, special Mr. & Mrs. champagne glasses, a spiderweb table cloth and a skeleton couple statue. I put some flowers, taper candles and a bigger pumpkin on their table too. The groom made a red and black balloon arch to go over the table.

I wanted this to be more light-hearted, but still match the rest of the party. I got a black plastic table cloth and stuck some Halloween stickers to it. I chose some paper plates and cups to match the adult table colors as well.

I got some crepe paper and made a little photo booth behind one of the couches. I hung white string lights around the room and put a “till death do us party” banner across the fire place. I also made a little guest book table with a white pumpkin and markers for people to sign.

Table Top
Guest table cloths (2 x $15)
– Pumpkins (Farmer’s Market) ($30)
– Wine bottles/jars ($0)
– Black taper candles ($8)
Tea light candles ($10)
– Fall flowers (Farmer’s Market) ($25)

Place Settings
Plates ($12 total)
Napkins ($18)
Plasticware ($10)
Ribbon ($3)
Dried flowers ($17)
Champagne glasses ($11)
Water glasses ($25)
– Cocktail glasses (Salvation Army)
Rock candy ($14)
Plastic bags ($3.50)
– Candy ($25)

Sweetheart Table
Table cloth ($10)
Skeleton couple ($6)
Mr. & Mrs. champagne glasses ($13)

Kids Table
Table cloth ($3.50)
Plates ($3)
Cups ($3)

Other Decor
– Crepe paper- purple, gold, white ($10)
String lights ($35)
Till Death banner ($17)
Guest book pumpkin + markers ($20)

BUDGET: $385


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