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Fall Friends Tour Birthday Party

This birthday party works great for COVID times, but would also work during a normal year. The idea is that you take the birthday person to different stops – each one has some surprise guests! Below is the plan that I came up with to celebrate my sister’s birthday this year.


STOP 1: LUNCH – 1:30-2:45PM
The first stop was lunch with our other sisters. I had them waiting at the restaurant and they were able to get a table before we arrived.


Next, we went back to my house and sat in the backyard for some coffee! You could make this mimosas or if you’re able – just get drinks/coffee at an actual establishment. I asked these guests to arrive before 3pm and be waiting in the backyard. They brought the coffee with them. I set up chairs with little tables, a heater and music. I put some decorations in the trees above where we were sitting too.

STOP 3: BEER – 5-7PM
My sister’s boyfriend showed up as a surprise to drive us to the next location. We headed over to B. Nektar (a meadery) and had a new group waiting for us to arrive. We got lots of beers.

Lastly, we walked back to my sister’s house for a bonfire. I dropped off decorations earlier in the day for her boyfriend to put up. This is where I put the most decorating energy since we’d be spending the most time here. A fourth group of people was waiting around the bonfire for her when she arrived. Ideally, it would be cool to have everyone join up at the last stop, but obviously we couldn’t do that with COVID restrictions.

Here, we set up a table with cider, donuts and drinks. I was going for a cutesty Halloween theme so I mixed ghost napkins, rainbows and pumpkins – all in pastels and oranges. I think it worked out well! I painted some actual pumpkins and put a birthday message on one with stickers. We hung up 27 balloons, a happy birthday banner and crepe paper. I didn’t get great pics of anything since we were on the go so much that day and it was dark out.

The hardest part was coordinating with all the different groups of people. Try to have a point person for each group and make reservations ahead of time. Make sure you ask them all to get there early for the surprise. And make sure to leave enough time for walking/driving to each location.

Plates ($8)
Napkins ($6)
27 balloons ($8)
Crepe paper ($1)
Cups ($6)
– Cider/Donuts ($25)
– Pumpkins (Farmer’s Market) ($10)
– Balloons/garland (yard decor)

BUDGET: $70 (+ lunch, coffee, beers)


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