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Couple/Sister Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are all the costumes my sister and I have done together.


Hair: She slicked back her hair into a low bun and used a toothbrush with hair spray to get down all the flyaways.
Makeup: We used this green face paint, but it peeled a little bit too much. I would get the same kind as the white paint below instead. She did thick black eyeliner, eyeliner stitches and black lipstick.
Outfit: We just got a black blazer from Salvation Army. Then wore a black t-shirt, black jeans and chunky black boots. So easy!
Necklace: She got a black ribbon and plastic bolts from Home Depot. She cut the plastic bolts down to size and spray painted them silver. Then hot glued them to the ribbon after cutting a hole through so they would fit. We safety pinned it in the back to hold it all together as a choker!

Bride of Frankenstein:
Hair: I got standard black/white color hair spray at the Halloween store. I used the bottle trick and this tutorial. I sprinkled silver and white glitter on top of the wet paint.
Makeup: I used white face make up, Mehron is my favorite brand. I put white face glitter on top of the paint and it wasn’t that noticeable. I would get something thicker next time. I did thick black eye liner with fake lashes. And used eye liner to make the stitch marks under the chin. Don’t forget black lipstick!
Outfit: I wanted something more “modern” with long sleeves. I liked how this dress was short and had ruffles. A similar dress can be found here. I also like the more traditional look – like this dress. I wore black fishnet tights and got clunky white boots on Poshmark. I wore big black rings and dressy earrings.


Hair: I got cheap black extensions and placed these star clips throughout the curls.
Makeup: I got Mehron black and gold paint and drew a moon on one side of my face. And then i used a star stencil to do stars on my face and arms. I wore fake lashes and black lipstick!
Outfit: I had this long mesh cutout black dress laying around for a while and it was perfect for this costume. I used the same star stencil and spray painted gold stars all over. You can use any long black dress – here’s a similar one.
Crown: We tried two different ways to make our crowns – mine is made from zip ties. I bought a plastic headband, and zip tied them around. I cut them to be different lengths and then spray painted the whole thing gold. I then added gold star stickers. Glitter didn’t stick that well for me so I skipped that step. Here’s a helpful tutorial. This crown held up throughout the night and was comfortable.

Hair: It would be cool if you had lighter hair or got yellow/orange extensions.
Makeup: We got a bunch of gold tattoos and used the same gold face paint above. She did fake lashes, lots of glitter and a fun lipstick color.
Outfit: We got a simple long white dress – we wanted something long and beachy. It would be cool to stencil something on this too. We tried and the material was too thin :(. We found a big chunky gold necklace that reminded us of the sun.
Crown: This crown was built using lots of hot glue! She cut out the shapes from cardboard and put little stones on top for dimension. She hot glued those to the headband and then got wood skewers from the grocery store and cut them down to size. Then hot glued those to the shapes. THEN spray painted it gold and added 9 layers of gold glitter. This one did not hold up throughout the night and the skewers kept falling off the headband.


Beetle Juice:
Makeup: We both used Manic Panic Goth White powder. It goes on smooth and isn’t cakey. It gives you a slightly whiter look. We added some purple, green and brown around her eyes. You could get grosser and do something with your teeth or around the mouth.
Outfit: We got these Hot Topic leggings, found the blazer at Salvation Army and paired them with a black tank top and chunky black boots.

Hair: I didn’t have bangs so I put my hair into a half pony and pulled the pony forward to cover my forehead. I hair sprayed them into little spikes. And then put a headband over the hair so you couldn’t tell that it was pulled forward. Here’s a tutorial that explains it better!
Makeup: I used the Manic Panic Goth above for my face with black powder under my eyes.
Outfit: This was super easy and built from clothes I already had. I just wore a long black dress, a longer black blazer and boots! You need a big black hat – I like felt ones better, but there are lots of straw ones. If you need the brim to stick out more you can spray it with fabric stiffener. I added ribbon to the hat so I could wear it around my neck. Top it off with the Handbook for the Recently Deceased book – you can use it as a notebook after! You could also wear a camera if you want another prop.

Happy costume making!

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