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Fall Brunch for the Girls

I love planning parties to commemorate the start of a new season (see a Fall Dinner Party here and a Midsummer get together here). This year I put together a fally brunch for some girlfriends!

I wanted my color palette/theme to be autumnal, but also have a girly vibe as well. I chose to stick with the colors pink, orange and yellow. I had 7 guests (so 8 people total) and had one dining table, a small mimosa bar table and larger food/bagel bar table. For the dining table, I used my usual white table cloth, a yellow table runner and topped it with purple/orange mums in jars and mini pumpkins in different colors. I got some greenery and spray painted them with gold sparkles to add to the vases and around the table too.

For each place setting, I used (again, my typical) pink plates, gold plasticware and some leftover bachelorette napkins. I placed the napkin in the middle of the plate, a fork and knife on either side and then did a little X on top with dried lavender stalks. Each person got a champagne glass (with a cat glass charm) and stemless wine glass for water. I put a rock candy stick in each champagne glass – they really fizz when you add champagne!

A girls brunch needs mimosas and I love the idea of making your own! I created a mimosa bar by providing different juice and topping options, along with champagne obviously. I got these glass bottles and filled/labeled them with orange juice, pineapple juice, apple cider, cranberry peach juice and cold brew. For the labels I used cute floral washi tape. I placed the bottles in shallow oval bowls filled with ice and then put extra juice in a cooler nearby. I used a large punch bowl filled with ice for the champagne – I put a few big bottles and then some small ones in there as well. For toppings, I put out little bowls of cinnamon sticks, apples, strawberries and rosemary. I also mixed some edible shimmer dust into the apple cider to make it sparkle!

Next, I did a bagel bar. I got a variety of bagels and sliced them all beforehand. For toppings I wanted to have a variety of spreads and vegetables. I included plain cream cheese, pumpkin cream cheese, butter, avocado and hummus. For veggies, I did cucumber, tomato, lettuce, green onion and banana peppers. I put out some smoked salmon, capers and sliced cheese. I also made some pumpkin bread topped with edible star sparkles. Another fun edible thing was using dried flowers in a water pitcher. It added some girly garden vibes. Lastly, I got these food covers to help keep out any flies or bees – functional and cute!

I put up “pumpkin bitches” garland, some leaf garland, corn stalk and pumpkins on my patio!

White table cloth ($5)
Yellow table runner ($8)
-Purple + orange mums (Farmer’s Market = $12)
– Mini pumpkins (Farmer’s Market = $6)

Pink plates ($0.79 each)
Gold plasticware ($5)
Napkins (similar = $8)
– Champagne glasses
Rock candy sticks ($8)
– Stemless wine glasses

Glass bottles
– 4-5 juice options
Edible shimmer dust
– 4-5 coordinating toppings
– Champagne
– Bowls + ice

Edible star sparkles ($6)
– Sliced bagels
– Bagel spreads + toppings
– Pumpkin bread
Dried flowers + water pitcher ($10)
Food covers ($10)


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