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Midsummer/Summer Solstice Dinner Party

I’ve always loved the vibes of the Swedish celebration of Midsummer to commemorate the first day of the season. I decided to try my own version this year. I did my best to research what actually happens in Sweden, hopefully I didn’t butcher the holiday too much.

Teal and pink were my two main colors accented with other bright summery colors. I set up my two 6 foot tables in a T shape. I wanted everyone to still be able to see and talk to each other. I feel like a super long table separates people. An L shape cuts some people off from the conversation. I topped the tables with my typical white paper table cloths and two table runners – one teal and one pink.

Each setting had a pink or gray dinner plate – I wanted something better than paper plates, but didn’t want to use my plain (boring) white ceramic plates. I found these plastic ones at Target and am a little bit obsessed. They feel high quality, look chic and come in many colors. And are only $0.80 each! I topped each plate with a teal cloth napkin and menu. I printed the menu on brown kraft paper and added some flower graphics.

Glasses were very important for this party! I used clear stemless wine glasses as water glasses, got some light teal goblets from Salvation Army for wine/cocktails, clear champagne glasses for champagne (duh) and clear shot glasses for snaps shots. I liked having all the glassware on the table at once because it acts almost as decor in my eyes.

Snaps shots are a traditional Midsummer shot made by soaking vodka in a variety of spices. Here is the recipe that I used. I placed a little song card in there with a portion of the Snaps Song in there for us to use as we toasted. We took the shot before we started eating dinner! I used this step by step guide to make an ice bucket to hold the bottle of vodka.

I filled in the rest of the table with faux tea light candles, string lights and lots of flowers in jars. I like to get flowers from Trader Joe’s – cheap and a nice variety. I also hung string lights around outside of the table. I really love this set of vertical curtain string lights.

Okay so now for food! We made a cheese/meat and veggie boards for “cocktail hour” (aka when people can drink/eat while we finish up dinner.) I tried to find some Swedish cheeses at a specialty store! I used paper plates and napkins that I already had laying around for this.

We then served actual dinner! We tried to choose things that were at least kind of authentic to a traditional Midsummer dinner. We read that fish is usually included so we made salmon with lemon and dill. Our other main dish was a hemp heart/sun dried tomato rigatoni pasta. Sides included Swedish potato salad (salad/small potatoes with dill and butter basically) and roasted vegetables (we did asparagus, leek and eggplant).

For dessert, we made a naked strawberry cake with dairy free buttercream frosting. To save time, we used a white cake box mix and only made the frosting by hand. Then topped with strawberries and some sprinkles. We served this with champagne!

After dinner, we had a bonfire and did a little ritual that I found online. Everyone wrote down something that they wished to sacrifice to the flames: something that you’ve completed that you want to seal with fire, something you wish to be rid of forever or something you want to give up gain something else. It was a fun way to end the night!

White paper table cloths : $10
-Table Runners (currently unavailable at Target) : $10
Faux tea light candles (pack of 18): $10
-Flowers (Trader Joe’s): $12
String lights: $18
Ice bucket : $0

Dinner plates : $8
-Cloth napkins: Already owned
-Wine/water glasses : Already owned
-Goblets (Salvation Army) : $6
Champagne glasses (set of 12): $10
-Menu & Snaps cards: $0

-Cheese/meat board
-Veggie tray
Snaps shots
-Grilled salmon
-Sun dried tomato pasta
-Roasted vegetables
-Swedish potato salad
-Strawberry white cake

Decor total: $85
Food total: $125


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