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You Are a Star Bachelorette Party

I believe in having a theme for every and any type of party. For this bachelorette party, I chose stars! It’s simple, but keeps everything cohesive. Stars, silver/gold, pink + purple = success.

I set up a table with everything that a bachelorette party guest needs to survive. I love doing this because it acts as a set of decorations before everyone picks up their stuff. I found star disco cups (no longer available, but similar disco ball ones are here). I cut out gold stars, wrote out each person’s name and taped them the cups.

Then each guest got a penis necklace whistle, a pair of paper star glasses and a light up diamond ring to use in the photo booth. The bride got a special necklace and a bride headband. I got paper gift bags for each guest to put their stuff in to take home.

For the backdrop of this table, I taped crepe paper down vertically in alternating colors. Then made a glitter banner that said “She said yaassss” with a glitter star banner underneath.

I used my go-to party table cloth in pink and covered it with a silver table runner. I put peonies (from my garden!) and gold penis confetti all over. I got star straws, cups, napkins and plates. We also got some star sparklers which are cute as table decor and can be fun to use when it gets dark out.

We got a bunch of wine, champagne and made this rosé punch. For food, we just got a bunch of finger food appetizers and asked guests to pitch in.

Of course, balloons are a main center piece! We got a bunch of silver stars and then big MRS balloons.

All the best parties have a photo booth! I set this one up using crepe paper and balloons around an arch. I printed out large faces of the groom and had a chalk board sign with the wedding hash tag. As stated above, I got star glasses and rings too!

We played gift bingo. I think this makes opening gifts a little more interesting for guests. I printed out this game and got heart stickers for each person.

We also played Drink If. I like this game because it involves everyone and you can personalize it to the bride and party. Each card says “Drink If……” with something on it. Like “you have no tattoos” or “have given birth”. Put all the cards in a bowl and each person takes a turn drawing a card and reading it aloud. You drink if you have done the the thing on the card, duh! There are lots of these games online for purchase, but I like making my own. You can do specific things that you know happened to the bride, you can make them as dirty/clean as the party allows, and you can target guests. For example, if you know a lot of teachers will be there, you can do a few cards specific to them. Here’s my template!

Table Top
Table cloth
Table runner

-MRS balloons
Silver star balloons
-“She said yaasss” banner
Glitter star banner

-Star glasses
Light up diamond ring
-Bride: special necklace + bride headband
-Disco plastic cups

Bingo printable + stickers
Drink If printable
-Crepe paper
-Large face cutouts
-Other photo booth props

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