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First Day of Spring Brunch

I celebrated the first day of spring on my balcony sipping mimosas! I set up a lower table with cushions for seats. It was topped with a table cloth, table runner, colorful plates, flowers and a cheese board.

I opted for pastels for the place settings and brighter flowers to balance everything out. I made mimosas out of smoothie juices to create different colors like green, pink and blue! I also served fruity, colorful beer. I made sure to play whimsical springy music too.

After we got our food and drink fill – we made flower crowns using wire and the flowers on the table. It was way easier than I was expecting actually! Overall a super fun way to spend a sunny day.

Plates ($0.50 per plate)
Cutlery ($5)
Floral napkins ($4)
Table cloth ($18)
Table runner ($10)
Champagne glasses ($10)

BUDGET: ~$100


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