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Dumpling Birthday Party

There is a dumpling in almost every culture! That was the idea behind this party. Every couple/guest brought a different kind of dumpling and a matching alcohol. We had raviolis + wine, mandu + soju, pierogies + polish beer, gyoza + sake, and empanadas + beer. Each guest got a turn in the kitchen and then served their meal to the group. It was a super fun way to spend the night and everything was delicious.

It’s always hard to choose a more masculine decor theme – this time I opted for simple colors: orange, mint green and silver. Each place setting got a plate in one of those colors, a sprinkle napkin, an orange glass and silverware.

I stacked two plates for each guest. The raviolis got one because they were in sauce. The second plate was used for the other dumplings and I provided small bowls for dipping sauces. People did rinse their plates if they got too messy. You could get enough plates for each course or use paper plates.

I tried to have the correct drinking vessels for each course (ie: wine glass for wine) and just served the beer in their bottles.

I spray painted beer bottles silver and glued menu holders to the top. I cut the letters for PARTY out of glitter paper and put one on each bottle. I used orange candles and silver crepe paper to fill in the rest of the table.

I hung orange, green and silver balloons throughout the trees behind us. I also added some orange string lights for when it got dark.

Table cloth ($18)
Plates ($0.50 each)
Napkins ($2)
Glasses ($2 each)
Dipping sauce bowls ($6)
Candles ($5 each)
– Beer bottles, spray paint + menu holders ($10)
Crepe paper ($3)
Balloons ($3 each)

BUDGET: ~$150


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