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50th Ice Cream Social

Nothing says 50 better than stuffing your face with ice cream! For this birthday celebration, we asked guests to bring their favorite ice cream toppings and set up a sundae bar.

I made a banner that said “Sundae Funday” and underneath, set up toppings bowls with labels for people to write their names. We also got a bunch of ice cream (obviously) and cones. I printed out stickers to put on the ice cream cups that said “Jeff’s 50th birthday!”

I tried to keep the theme semi-masculine by focusing on the colors green, orange and silver.

We ordred Slows BBQ for dinner and used sprinkle napkins and HBD plates. To decorate the patio, I got Happy Birthday balloons and spray painted them white/added sprinkles to them. I also got silver confetti balloons, garland and big 5-0 balloons.

Ice Cream Bar:
50 candles ($4)
Toppings bowls ($3 per pack)
Banner ($8)
Ice cream cups ($11)

HBD plates ($4)
Napkins ($4)

Confetti balloons ($7)
Happy Birthday balloons ($7)
Garland ($5)
50 balloons ($10)

BUDGET: ~$300 (including food)


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