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Astrology Mixer

The summer solstice is the perfect time for an astrology themed dinner party! I invited all my girlfriends and asked them to bring a new friend along so we could all meet new people.

Of course it ended up raining that night, so I got two 10×10 pop up tents with beige tops. I hung string lights inside both tents and in the trees outside. Underneath, I lined up a long table topped with gold table cloths, taper candles and smaller candle/candle holders. I also hung moon and star streamers above the table.

Each table setting got a dark blue cloth napkin (I stamped little gold moons on each one), a blue galaxy plate and a glass name plate. The seating chart was arranged by element – everyone sat with their group. I tried to put people next to at least one person they knew and one new person to encourage mingling. I got a bunch of glassware from Salvation Army – each element got matching glasses. I did amber glass for the fire signs, a blue/amber glass for water signs, blue for air signs and green for earth signs.

The first hour of the party was cocktail hour. I put a recipe card in each person’s glass with a cocktail for their sign (used this book). They also got a little mini liquor bottle that corresponded to the recipe. I set up a bar area with all the needed ingredients and tools. I put out a big cheese board and other little snacks for this part as well. I made sure to stock up on wine with cool star/sun labels too!

I asked each guest for the sun, moon and rising signs. I made everyone a little card that explained their three signs and had a little overview of their chart.

Guests were encouraged to add some sparkle to their look at the glitter station. I got some face glitter and stickers and put them with a small mirror!

Next up was dinner time. I served four pastas (one for each element) and a big salad.
– Fire signs pasta: “Beef” Szechuan Noodles
– Earth signs pasta: Asparagus Orzo
– Air signs pasta: Mexican Pasta Salad
– Water signs pasta: Baked Feta Pasta

I then made a little presentation that explained how birth charts work and went through the signs, elements and modalities. I went through each sign in more detail and shared who had that sign in their chart.

Lastly, we played Monikers (a mix of catch phrase and charades) with the teams based on moon signs! For dessert, I served galaxy cupcakes and element macrons.

– Hour 1: Cocktail hour/glitter time
– Hour 2: Serve dinner
– Hour 3: Presentation
– Hour 4: Game based on moon signs

Table cloth ($21 each)
Streamers ($12)
Taper candles ($3 per pack)
– Candle holders (Salvation Army) ($1-$5 each)
Tea light candles ($8)
Agate candle holder ($3 each)
Hanging moon ($10)

Place Settings:
Plates ($3 each)
Napkins (stamped with gold paint) ($12 per pack)
– Name plates (bought from local vendor) ($2 each)
– Cocktail glasses + water glasses (Salvation Army) ($1 each)
Cocktail recipes (Book is $14)
– Chart charts

Bar/food table:
Plastic ice cubes ($14)
Paper napkins ($5)
Drink stirrers (painted them gold) ($4)
Ice bucket ($15)
Serving bowl ($30)

Face stickers ($6)
Face glitter ($6)


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